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About NYSC

The Yakubu Gowon administration established the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program on May 22, 1973. It was created as a response to the aftermath of the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) to promote national unity and reconciliation.

It presents participants with a demanding and challenging experience. From the rigorous three-week orientation camp to the hardships faced during the one-year national service, the journey is often physically demanding and mentally strenuous.

Corps members are uprooted from their familiar surroundings, subjected to overcrowded facilities, intense physical activities, and limited amenities. Deployed to underserved areas, they encounter substandard living conditions, limited resources, and the need to adapt to new cultures. Inadequate funding, irregular allowances, security risks, and the absence of robust support systems further compound the challenges.

Why ReformNYSC

Section 13 of the NYSC Act of 1999, which imposes imprisonment for failure to report for service, violates fundamental human rights as outlined in Section 34, subsection 1b, Section 42, subsection 1a, and 1b of the Nigerian constitution.

Additionally, Section 12 of the NYSC Act 1999, which mandates employers to obtain an NYSC certificate for employment within Nigeria, appears to contravene Section 42, subsection 1a and 1b of the Nigerian constitution. This is nothing other than involuntary servitude.

Involuntary servitude refers to the state or condition of being compelled or forced to work against one's will or without consent. It involves situations where individuals are subjected to labor or service under threats, coercion, or other forms of constraint, depriving them of their freedom and autonomy.

These inconsistencies and potential violations of constitutional rights call for a careful examination and potential reconsideration of the provisions within the NYSC Act to ensure alignment with the principles of individual freedom and equal treatment enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

About ReformNYSC

ReformNYSC is dedicated to expressing the discontent of Nigerians with the mandatory service program implemented by the Nigerian Federal Government. Through polls, we aim to showcase the collective sentiment and experiences of the people. Join us in advocating for change and raising awareness about the impact of NYSC.

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